Bubble and Dew Point Calculations

The bubble point of a system is the temperature at which a liquid mixture begins to vaporize.  The dew point is the temperature at which liquid begins to condense out of the vapor. If there is enough volume in the bulk fluid, it is safe to assume that the fluid concentration remains unchanged after the first small bubble or drop of liquid is formed. This calculation is important for vapor liquid equilibrium processes such as distillation, stripping, and adsorption.  The program uses empirical data of vapor liquid equilibrium as a function of temperature and iteratively finds temperature with the Newton-Raphson method.

There is also a version of the bubble point program executed using the Excel "goal seek" to demonstrate an easier way to program this.  This is instructive for using the Excel/VBA object model to tap into advanced features already in Excel when writing VBA programs.

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Bubble and Dew Point Spreadsheet

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